Doctor Muriel Creusot was born in France, in 1964 and currently practices in Belgium. In 1992, she graduated from the University of Medicine of Montpellier, France, in general medicine, and then from the UCL, catholic university of Louvain, Belgium (Brussels area) in dermatology-venereology, at the dermatology department of professors Bourlond and Lachapelle. Her specialties are : general dermatology, allergology, surgery, school of atopy at the CHTN (centre hospitalier Tubize-Nivelles, Belgium), aesthetic and laser dermatology, dynamic phototherapy, psoriasis, melanoma screening, cryolipolisis. From 1998 to 2002, she worked at the Hopital Notre-Dame in Charleroi, Belgium, in the departments of general dermatology, surgery, aesthetic dermatology, laser treatments and allergology. She is a member of the Belgian dermatology and venereology society, of the French dermatology society, of the laser group of the French dermatology society, of the aesthetic and corrective dermatology group. She is currently head of the department of dermatology of the CHTN (hospital of Nivelles-Tubize, Belgium), and at the medical centre of Genappe, attached to the hospital of Nivelles-Tubize, Belgium, where she started working in 1998. She is the manager of the Centre Dermatologique du Roy in Lasne, Belgium, where she started working in 2012. She is a trainer doctor in laser techniques and aesthetic dermatology. Doctor Creusot is fluent in French, Dutch, German and English.